About Me

About Me

“It only made sense to take our two loves and passions and bring them together as one rather than two different services in two different states.  Adding my professional wedding photography services from Arizona to our San Diego elopement services was something that should have been done years ago. Now, we literally work as a team!” – Rev. Christopher

About Me: ©Photograph Aloha - All Rights Reserved | www.photographaloha.com | (928) 299-0175 | PHOTO CREDIT: Chasing Daylight PhotographyAloha E komo mai, (Hello and welcome to my home) Feel free to join in the spirit of Aloha by calling me “Unkle” or “Mr. Papa”. In Hawaii “Unkle” is how locals refer to elders, regardless of familial connection and “Mr. Papa” is how my Grandchildren and their friends refer to me. Believe it or not, some refer to me as “Unkle Papa”… I love it!

About Me: My Humble Beginnings! It all began back in the 1970’s; armed with my brand spankin’ new Canon AE1 (Trivia: The AE1 was the very first microprocessor-equipped SLR). Having cut my teeth learning the ropes on a very trusted, beat up and well used Canon F1, the passion for professional photography and imagery was born. From there, I built my own darkroom and soon obtained the Canon AE1 “Programmable” and nothing was the same.

Today, it’s all digital and an entirely different kind of intensity… Rather than sitting in that custom Black & White darkroom in the 1970’s and by custom I mean a converted 8’X6′ bathroom, it’s now a full color digital editing production suite with top of the line editing software and hours in front of a giant computer monitor but……… the passion continues.

I have zero complaints with today’s technology as I’ve always considered myself a “techie” and trust me, I can live with the headaches of staring at a computer screen all day as opposed to those old fashioned “eye adjustment” headaches from sitting in a safe-light darkroom all day AND breathing in chemicals like developer, stop-bath and fixer for 8+ hours…

About Me: Photography Philosophy! I’m a natural light photographer. There’s something in the beauty of natural lighting, even with shadows on a harsh bright day, that make a photograph and its emotions come to life. Although using flash is an option, especially for studio portrait work, I prefer not to use it for everything else if possible.

About Me: ©Photograph Aloha - All Rights Reserved | www.photographaloha.com | (928) 299-0175Why the names, Desert Aloha Photography & Photograph Aloha?

It just seemed to make a lot of sense! I consider myself a Maui boy, adopted by the Island years ago (Maui no ka oi) and after 4,000+ weddings (both in front of and behind the lens) it seemed like the perfect time to slow down a little and begin setting up retirement in Arizona alongside the beautiful Colorado River while continuing to serve in San Diego and return to that 45 year passion of imagery…. on a more professional scale and with one big difference… Aloha!

The spirit of Aloha actually makes it easier and even more stress-free for myself and for my clients… I love sharing the true spirit of Aloha with everyone I meet and sharing in the “Passion” of what I do. The Hawaiian people call this “Kuko”.

Whatever your photographic need; a wedding, renewal, event, festival, family/group shots, pets or business with Desert Aloha Photography in Arizona or a simple elopement in San Diego… it’s always done with the Hawaiian attitude of “Ole Pilikia”… (No Worries).

Desert Aloha Photography & Photograph Aloha… Where Simplicity and Affordability Come Together with Aloha.

Mahalo Nui Loa,

©Photograph Aloha - All Rights Reserved | www.photographaloha.com | (928) 299-0175 | PHOTO CREDIT: Chasing Daylight Photography




 Mahalo Ke Akua for each and every day! | ©Photograph Aloha - All Rights Reserved | www.photographaloha.com | (928) 299-0175

 Mahalo Ke Akua for each and every day!

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